Access to Landgate online applications

Landgate is upgrading how it manages access to the online applications you use.

With the introduction of the Landgate Login, you will have a single set of login credentials which will give you access to all Landgate online applications. The upgrades are happening incrementally. As each application is upgraded, you will be able to use your new Landgate Login to access it.

Further details are outlined in the Access to Landgate online applications project page.

Sign in with your Landgate Login

Login here with your email address as your username to access MyLandgate, Landgate’s electronic forms (eg. National Mortgage Form), and plan lodgement in the New Land Registry (NLR-Plan).

If you have not upgraded your MyLandgate access to a Landgate Login, enter your legacy MyLandgate UserID. The first time you do this, you will be directed to create a Landgate Login and then link it to your MyLandgate access. Refer to our Mylandgate upgrade FAQs for details on this process.

New users

If you are new to Landgate online applications, select Create your login to register for a Landgate Login. Please note there are additional authorisation steps for some applications.

Contact for access to NLR-Plan.

For MyLandgate access refer to the MyLandgate Registration information.